Purchasing Premier Club

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We totally understand that you may have some burning questions before you purchase Premier Club. There's a wealth of information available on the Premier Club pages of our website. If you're still stuck we've got you covered! 


I have a mobile subscription, can I purchase Premier Club?

If you currently have an active mobile membership then you will not be able to purchase Premier Club. Head here for help managing your mobile subscription.

What will happen to my membership days when I purchase Premier Club?

Premier Club membership will commence as soon as you purchase it! If you have any leftover membership from your previous subscription that will be saved on your account until your Premier Club membership expires and then used! 

What will happen to my active subscription if I purchase Premier Club?

Purchasing a Premier Club package will just push back the rebill date on your active agreement. Your active agreement will not be automatically cancelled. 

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I have a grandfathered membership price, what happens to this if I buy Premier Club?

Premier Club offers a great discount on the standard membership price, but your already discounted rate is not factored in when calculating the price of the Premier Club packages. You’ll still be entitled to all the extra benefits that the package includes, so it’s entirely your call if you wish to keep paying your current rate or pick up the Premier Club perks.

If you've not had a lapse in membership you'll keep hold of your grandfathered membership rate once your Premier Club membership expires, so don’t worry!



Why are the prices of the packages different in my location? 

If you are seeing a different price to what you expected, don't panic. Currency conversion can cause small differentials between the prices in some countries, but wherever you are you’ll notice that you’re still getting a great discount compared to the price of a standard membership.

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Payment Methods 

Can I purchase Premier Club with bonds?

Premier Club is not currently on sale. 


Can I use pre-paid game cards for a Premier Club package?

Game cards can only be redeemed for the packages available on the game card section of the website, which includes our standard membership. It isn’t possible to upgrade from a standard membership to Premier Club.


My payment attempts are being declined, what should I do?

Issues making a successful payment could be down to a number of different reasons. Select your specific payment method to troubleshoot your issue. 

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Old School

I mainly play Old School RuneScape, what’s in it for me?

If you’re an Old School player you’ll be able to take advantage of the big discounts on your membership! Many of the additional perks are only available to RuneScape players.

Don’t forget that Premier Club will give you full access to Old School mobile as well, so it’s the perfect membership package if you’re looking to continue your adventures on the go!


I play Old School RuneScape on mobile how can I purchase Premier Club?

If you play Old School RuneScape on mobile please purchase Premier Club via the website. Check out our Mobile Payments FAQ for more information if you have a current mobile subscription. 


Other questions 

I’m an Ironman, will I be able to take full advantage of the packages?

As an Ironman, you’ll receive all of the perks included with the package apart from a few restrictions.
You will not be able to use the following benefits:

  • 10% XP boost
  • Access to the Premier Club Vault
  • Extra daily Treasure Hunter key


Will my double daily keys package stack with the extra keys Premier Club Silver / Gold give?

It will! As a Premier Club member you’ll get even better value from the double daily keys package, receiving 6 keys per day instead of the usual 3 if you have a Silver or Gold package.

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