Purchasing Summer Special

So you’re deciding whether or not to purchase the package, or perhaps you’re having some trouble making your purchase. Not to worry, we’ve covered some of the most common questions below.




What will happen to my active subscription if I purchase Summer Special?
Purchasing Summer Special will cancel your active subscription, setting up a new 3 month subscription in its place. Any remaining unused membership will automatically kick in once your Summer Special membership ends.

Once all the membership allocated to your account expires, you will then be re-billed at your normal rate for 3 months of membership.

I have a grandfathered membership price, why does this discount not apply to Summer Special?
Summer Special offers a great discount on the standard membership price, but your already discounted rate is not factored in when calculating the price of Summer Special. You’ll still be entitled to the extra outfit on RuneScape, so it’s entirely your call if you wish to keep paying your current rate or opt for the Summer Special.

Either way, you’ll keep hold of your grandfathered membership rate once your Summer Special membership expires, so don’t worry!

Can I buy Summer Special with Bonds?
Absolutely! The package costs 5 Bonds and can be redeemed by interacting with your Bonds in game. Make sure you select the correct package prior to redeeming them. If you already have a subscription, purchasing the package using bonds will not make any changes to your active subscription, but simply push your re-bill date back by 3 months.

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Is the package available on the mobile apps?
The package can only be purchased directly through our website.

The package is showing up as unavailable when I go through the website, why is this?
This error will appear if you’ve either already purchased the package on the same account, or you’ve already got an active subscription setup through the app. It isn’t possible to extend your membership through our website if you have an active App Store / Google Play subscription.

How long will Summer Special be available for?
Summer Special is no longer available as of August 4th.

My payment attempts keep getting declined, what should I do?
Payments can fail for a number of different reasons depending on the payment method you're using - we'd recommend checking out Unsuccessful payment for further advice on the topic.

Will my membership automatically re-bill once it expires?
If you purchased Summer Special through the website, your membership will re-bill at your standard 3 month membership rate once it runs out. Don’t want a recurring membership? No problem! Simply cancel the subscription prior to your renewal date and your membership will expire once you’re out of credit.

Can I use a pre-paid game card for Summer Special?
Game cards can only be redeemed for the packages available on the game card section of the website, which includes our standard membership. It is not possible to redeem a game card for Summer Special.

Why is there no 6 month package this year?
We wanted to simplify the offer this year and tie the package more closely to content being released over the next 3 months rather than the remainder of the year.


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