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How do I cancel my subscription


Can I transfer my subscription?
If you have purchased your subscription on the wrong account please get in touch so we can look into transferring the purchase. Apple subscriptions please cancel the subscription before getting in touch.

Why can't I purchase more membership on my account?
If you have an active Apple Pay or Google Play subscription you won't be able to add membership via other methods. You may see the messaging "You are not eligible for any items in this category". If you attempt to add membership after your current mobile membership has expired, you shouldn't encounter any issues!

Why can't I use a prepaid card on my account?
If you attempt to redeem a pre-paid/store purchased card for any in-game package whilst membership time purchased via mobile is on the account, you will receive an error message stating you are not eligible to redeem rewards at this time. Please see the above question for more information.

My Google Play subscription is failed/pending 
If you are attempting to purchase a subscription on Google Play and receive a message that the payment has failed or is pending, no payment will be taken, please start a new subscription. If you suspect a payment may have been taken, then please contact Google. 

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