Not seeing additional bank slots?

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What are bank slots?
Every account has access to a bank which has a limited amount of space for storing items.

  • All accounts start with 103 free (non-members) bank slots
  • Members have an additional 468 members bank slots


Increase your bank space
You can purchase a Bank Booster +50 from Solomon's General Store that permanently increases maximum bank space by 50.

Can't see extra bank slots?
Fear not! All Bank Boosters are added to your free (non-members) bank slot total in your bank space. 

How many bank slots you have

  • All accounts will start with 103 non-members bank slots and each bank booster will increase that value by 50 (see below image)
  • Members 468 bank slots will not increase. 


See the RuneScape Wiki for more information about RS Bank.

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