Change which account is linked to Steam

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Change which account is linked to Steam

You can change which account you have linked to Steam but please be aware that: 

  • You can only have one RuneScape or Old School RuneScape account linked to Steam at any time
  • Steam Store & in-game purchases already made will not be transferred 
  • Achievements & Trading Cards will remain on your Steam account

To change your linked account, follow the steps below. 





Log into your account via Steam to unlink it from Steam



Next to Steam, select 'un-link' & then 'Log Out'

If you receive the error message "Please add another authentication method in order to un-link your Steam account." then add a login email to your Steam account first.



Log into the account you'd like to link to Steam



Next to Steam, select 'link' 



Once you have linked your preferred account, any future Steam Store or in-game purchases will be added to your intended account. 


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