[06-OCT] RuneScape client issues on macOS 10.13

Game Versions:  

We're aware of players using macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) having trouble accessing RuneScape.

Our technical teams are aware and are currently investigating as a priority.

In the meantime, please try upgrading to a newer version of macOS.

To do this:
1. In the top left-hand side of your screen click the Apple logo
2. In the drop-down menu, select "App Store"
3. Select "Updates" and you should see the latest version of macOS available to you
4. Be sure to restart your computer after the update

If you're unable to update from 10.13 via the Mac App Store 'Update' tab, you should be able to upgrade by heading directly to the page for the latest version on compatible hardware. Should you be using an older Mac which is unable to update beyond 10.13, then we'd recommend playing on another machine for now. 

We are looking to restore access to affected users as soon as possible, so a massive thank you for your patience. We'll hopefully have more updates to share soon.


Update 13-OCT 14:45 UTC

We are still in the process of investigating the cause of this issue. We will provide updates here once we have more information about how long a fix may take.

Rest assured it is fully our intention to restore access for players running macOS 10.13.

We apologise for the inconvenience if you are unable to play as normal at this time.


Update 27-OCT 11:00 UTC

A fix for this is progressing nicely, although there is a large amount of QA work involved to ensure that the fix does not cause other issues.

We're hopeful that this can be rolled out within the next few weeks, but will confirm a release date once we have this.

Thank you again for your patience. We'll hopefully be able to get you back in game soon.


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