Why can't I log in to the correct account on mobile?

If you're unexpectedly logged into a brand new account on mobile it's possible you accidentally created an account through Game Center or Google and you are still logged in.

To resolve this issue, please add a login email to your account:

  1. Open the Old School RuneScape app.
  2. Log in with either Game Center or Google.
  3. Complete the tutorial.
  4. Access the 'Account Management' menu from in-game.
  5. Select the 'Link email' button to open your web browser.
  6. Set a login email* and password. 
  7. Complete the sign up form.
  8. An email will be sent to your new login email. Please verify it via the included link.

*The login email must be one that isn't already used to log in to an existing RuneScape account, so create a new one or try these creative tips. 

You should now be able to access your other account. Please make sure that you've completely signed out of the Game Center or Google account, then hit ‘Continue with RuneScape account’ and enter the login details for your intended account.

Alternatively if you have just returned to game after a long break, please check out Dude where's my stats. 

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