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Way back in September we announced that Old School RuneScape was coming to Steam. Since then we've been working on a new game client built in C++. This new client will make Gielinor a far more welcoming place.

We really need your help with our closed beta test! You can sign up by registering your interest here. The beta will be conducted through Steam, and chosen testers will be sent an email containing a Steam key and instructions. It's worth noting that at this stage the beta is Windows only. 

Find out more about the new client in this News Post




General support


When will the closed beta be released?

Monday 7th December.


How can I join the client beta?

Register your interest here to be considered for the closed beta. The beta will be conducted using Steam, and chosen testers will be emailed a Steam key and instructions.

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Who will be chosen to join the beta?

Players who register their interest will be chosen to participate, there aren't any other requirements!


How do I know the email is genuine?

The email from us will contain your RuneScape name, a Steam key and links to our FAQ. Most importantly, it won't ask you to enter your RuneScape login information anywhere. Please see our guides on phishing and suspicious emails to stay safe. 

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How do I give feedback during the beta test?

Beta testers will be invited to a beta testing Discord server to share feedback and results, and answer surveys.


Do I have to use the beta client at all times? 
Nope! We just want you to use it as much as you're comfortable doing so.


When will the closed beta end?

There isn't yet an end date for this beta test. We'll keep it open for as long as we need feedback and data. We'll communicate any changes well in advance.

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Why can't I log in to the correct Steam account?

Chances are that you've linked an account already. Only one RuneScape account can be linked at any one time. You can follow these instructions to link another RuneScape account to your Steam account


Is the client "safe" to play on in terms of gameplay? (PvP/PvM without dying/crashing etc)

There's been a considerable amount of testing privately, but we want to see how it runs in live game worlds. If you're concerned about item or wealth loss, then we recommend against dangerous activities whilst on the beta.

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