RuneScape has been updated! Please reload your game client.

Game Versions: RS_Rune_final.png   Operating System:


Try turning if off and back on again

If you've received the error message that the game client has been updated, simply closing the client and reopening it should allow you to sign in as normal. You might receive this if you've kept the client open whilst a game update took took place, and a quick reload of the client should resolve this.

If you're still stuck try completely uninstalling and reinstalling the client. 


Known issue with newer Macs

This error message may persist if you're running the latest macOS release on a newer Mac with an M1 chip. Our developers are aware of this issue and working on a solution. 

In the meantime, please try creating an application file to launch the client directly using a Terminal command. This temporary solution appears to bypass the cause of the persistent error message.

Simply follow these steps to get this sorted:

  1. Press Cmd + Space on your keyboard to open Spotlight search, and find 'Automator'
  2. Click 'New Document' and select 'Workflow'
  3. Find 'Run Shell Script' on the list of options and drag it into the right panel
  4. Paste the below command into the box on the right (you shouldn't need to change any other options)
  5. Use Cmd + S (or File -> Save) to save the file, and change the file type to 'Application'. Save it somewhere accessible (such as your Applications folder)
  6. Open the application you've created

This should launch the RuneScape client using the command, and allow you to bypass the issue. Should this not work, or you're receiving this error message whilst running a different OS, then you can find further support on our Technical Help pages.

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