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Frequently Reported Issues


My account is still locked  

  • If your account is still locked and you're receiving the pending restoration message, then hang tight! Your account just hasn't been restored yet
  • Email alerts are sent to the registered email on the account:
    • if your account has been affected
    • and once it has been restored
  • If you haven't received any email alerts but get the pending restoration message when you log in, then your account is impacted. Please try to log in again when the next wave is announced

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I keep getting kicked out after I log in

  • This is a known issue that affects a very small number of accounts that have already been restored
  • Once you've ruled out any connection issues, please submit a ticket so we can double check your account


What is my compensation package?


  • Impacted accounts will receive the in-game goodwill bundle as well as a free month of Double Daily Keys to help make up those gains that were missed from not being able to log in

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Where is my additional membership? 


  • If your account didn't have an active membership when the login lockout issue started, your account will not be eligible for the 1 month membership goodwill credit
  • Member accounts were credited 1 month of membership while the issue was ongoing to avoid being rebilled
  • These accounts should have 1 month of membership added as part of the goodwill bundle once their account is restored
  • The goodwill membership is added separately from the in-game bundle which can take up to 72 hours to appear after the account is restored
  • If after 72 hours, the membership still hasn't been added, please submit a ticket

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I'm missing perks on my augmented items 

  • Due to technical complexities, we're unable to restore perks for augmented items. As part of the restoration process, we've already returned components to your materials pouch to ensure you can re-create the perks you've lost
  • Materials currently owned can be viewed in your Invention pouch in the Backpack
  • If you find that you don't have enough materials to re-create the perks you've lost, simply let us know the materials you're missing by submitting a ticket and we'll investigate further to ensure this is resolved 
  • Please be sure to use the following format in your ticket:


My augmented item is missing XP

  • Due to system limitations, it's not possible for us to add XP to any items
  • Don't worry, though. You'll find some useful consumables in our compensation bundle that will help you get your XP back to its former glory

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Where are my items or GP from the Grand Exchange?

  • If the items are not appearing in your Grand Exchange Collection Box, then the items should be in your bank
  • If the GP is not appearing in the Grand Exchange Collection Box, then the GP should be in your currency pouch
  • If items or GP are not there, please submit a ticket using the following format and we can take a look at getting those items or GP back into your account


I'm missing animals in my player-owned farm

  • We expect most players to find any progress related to animals in pens and barns to have been set to their February 8th state. Breeding log completions are expected to be up to date
  • If you're missing any animals, please submit a ticket and we can look to getting this resolved for you but please note that we aren't able to return any traits that your animals may have had 
  • Please use the following format when submitting your ticket for any missing animals:

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Something's wrong with my player-owned port 

  • We are aware that this is still an ongoing issue and at present, we aren't able to return any crew members that were lost
  • Our product teams require more information from our players on what's missing and what's wrong with their player-owned ports to understand how to fix this. Please submit a ticket if you have an issue with your port and please provide as much detail as you can so we can pass this on to our product team. Please also note that because this is an ongoing issue, response times may vary


This isn't the end of all the known issues for restored accounts. So if you notice something about your account that just isn't right, please submit a ticket with as much detail as possible so we can pass this information to our engineering and product teams to investigate further.


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