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If you have questions about US sales tax, please see the FAQ below. 



Why have sales taxes been applied to my purchase on the Jagex Store?

Players who reside in states in the US where sales tax needs to be applied will have sales tax added to all new purchases and subscriptions with us from the end of January 2022.

In 2021 it became clear that we needed to improve our solution for paying sales tax. It has taken some time for us to put the technical solution in place that enables us to do this.


How much is US Sales tax?

There is no ‘national’ sales tax amount – instead, the sales tax amount varies from state to state.

Please refer to your local government or review this US Department of the Treasury page to understand any sales tax that may apply to you.


I am not from the US, will I be affected?

Only purchases made in US states that impose sales taxes will be subject to the charge.

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Will my existing subscription/grandfathered rate be affected?

If your state applies sales taxes, all purchases (including existing rebills) will be subject to US Sales tax charges from late February to March 2022.

The price of grandfathered membership packages will not be changing, but sales taxes will apply to future rebills once this change is live.

We will be contacting all affected users with an existing agreement before any changes are made to their existing subscriptions.


Why do I need to provide my address when making a new purchase?

To make sure you are charged the correct tax amount, you will be required to provide an accurate billing address.


Why are you adding this to the price rather than including it in the cost?

As taxes vary between states, the price you will see on the store is before tax is added. This is so we can calculate the appropriate amount of sales tax for your state at checkout.

This approach is in line with the best practices recognised in the industry.

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Why can’t I use PaySafe Cards in the US?

Due to technical limitations, we’ve needed to remove this payment option from our users in the US.

We hope to be able to overcome these technical difficulties in the future and re-enable PaySafe Cards for US users.


I’ve changed address, how can I update?

If you've changed address, you will not be able to change the billing address attached to your saved card or any existing subscription with us.

To update your address please start a new subscription, this will overwrite your existing subscription (any grandfathered rate will be kept as long as there isn't a gap in membership longer than 14 days).


If I request a refund, will I get the sales tax on the purchase back?

Yes, any sales tax charges will be returned along with a refund.

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