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The Android Open Beta officially opens on February 28th 2022. Find out more about the exciting new features in this news post


When will the beta be released?
The beta will be available to download from 28th February 2022. 


When will the beta end?
We plan to keep the beta live for as long as needed, so there's no set end date. If there are any changes to this, we'll announce it on our official news channel.

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What are the minimum requirements?

  • Android 8.0 (Oreo)
  • 2GB RAM

If your device doesn't meet the minimum requirements you'll, unfortunately, be unable to take part in the beta. You can opt-out of the beta to continue playing on the public version.


How do I take part in the beta?
You must first have the public version of the Old School RuneScape app installed in order to join the Open Beta.

To join the beta:

  1. Open the Play Store
  2. At the top right tap the profile icon
  3. Tap Manage apps and devices > Manage > Installed
  4. Locate and tap Old School RuneScape to open the app details page
  5. Under 'Join the Beta', tap Join > Join

If you already have the public version of the app, you'll be prompted to replace it with the beta version.

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I took part in the open beta back in 2018, what should I do?
If you opted into the Android Open Beta in 2018 and haven't opted out, you might be automatically eligible for the new client. If you do not want to test the new features, follow these steps to opt-out.

You may find that your app automatically updates to the New Android Open Beta without being prompted. Upon logging in, you'll receive a prompt in-game to let you know that you are using the new client. This message will appear for the first five logins (including world hops).


How do I leave the beta?
You must uninstall the beta version in order to re-install the public version:

  1. Open the Play Store
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon
  3. Tap Manage apps and devices > Beta
  4. Find the Old School RuneScape app and tap it 
  5. Under 'You're a beta tester', tap Leave > Leave

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How do I give feedback?
Your feedback helps us to understand where we need to focus our efforts most. 

  • If you'd like to share your thoughts with us directly please complete the Survey
  • If you've encountered a bug, please let us know via the Discord channel #ab-bugs
    • It's always worth checking our Known Issues as we might already be aware of an issue.

We have the following Discord channels under the category Android Beta

  • #ab-announcements | For Jagex updates on the Open Beta
  • #ab-general | For general chat
  • #ab-feedback | For general feedback 
  • #ab-bugs | For bug reports

As the Android Open Beta is open to everyone, we'll be unable to provide the same level of support and responses via Discord as we did for the closed beta. 

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Where can I find out about known issues?
We'll be updating the Known Issues news post as often as possible. This will allow us to stay on top of major bugs and issues and provide communication between our bugs team and yourselves.


Do I have to use the beta app all the time?
Both apps cannot be installed simultaneously, so if you'd like to stop using the beta you'll need to leave the beta program and re-install the public version. 


Can I use the app to log in with different accounts?
The beta will be completely open, meaning that you can use any of your Old School RuneScape accounts to log in. There are no restrictions on the number of accounts you're able to use.

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