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The iOS beta officially opens on 20th April 2022. Registration has now closed. Invitations will be sent in batches to those who registered.

Please be aware of potential mobile phishing scams. If you're unsure about any communication you've received, check your account mailbox to verify legitimacy.



When will the iOS beta be released?
We kicked off with our first group of testers on the 20th April. If you’ve received an invitation, you can download the beta to start testing straight away. We'll be sending out more invitations as the beta progresses. 


When will the iOS beta end?
We plan to keep the beta live for as long as needed, so there's no set end date. If there are any changes to this, we'll announce it on our official news channel


What are the minimum requirements?
iOS 13.0 or later

If your device doesn't meet the minimum requirements you'll, unfortunately, be unable to take part in the beta.

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How do I take part in the beta?
Registration for the beta has now closed. Successful applicants will be contacted through their account mailbox and should also receive email confirmation from the Apple Store.

We'll be emailing invitations to those who registered in batches, so if you haven't received one this time around you may be lucky in the next group. 

If you receive an invitation, follow these steps

  1. Check your Apple ID email inbox (including spam/junk filters) from the device you'd like to install the beta app on
  2. Double-check the email address to confirm the email is legitimate 
  3. Select View in TestFlight

If you already have TestFlight installed, you'll be directed to TestFlight and shown a pop-up:

  1. Tap Accept, then Install
  2. If you have the non-beta version installed, you will receive a prompt stating you already have the app installed
  3. Tap Install again to replace the non-beta version on your device

If you don't have TestFlight installed, or you've accessed the email invite via your desktop/another device: 

  1. Click View in TestFlight in the email invitation. You'll be provided with a code to redeem within the TestFlight app
  2. Follow the hyperlink to install TestFlight in the App Store
  3. Open TestFlight, and select Redeem
  4. Enter the code that Apple provided

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I entered my details incorrectly when I registered, can you change them?
If you received an account mailbox message confirming you've been successful but have not received the App Store email you might have entered your details incorrectly. We've spent a lot of time manually helping a large number of players with this issue and we've reached our cap on capacity. As we need to turn our attention to other work, unfortunately, if you still haven't received your email we will not be able to re-send it now.


How do I switch back to the non-beta version?

  1. Open the iOS App Store
  2. Search for Old School RuneScape
  3. Select the app's product page
  4. Tap the GET button
  5. The non-beta version will replace your TestFlight version

You can return to the beta at any time via TestFlight, but you cannot have both versions installed.

Do not leave the TestFlight programme via the 'Stop Testing' button unless you are certain you do not want to return to the beta later, as this will permanently remove you from the programme. 


How do I give feedback?
Your feedback helps us to understand where we need to focus our efforts most.

  • If you'd like to share your thoughts with us directly, please complete the Survey
  • If you've encountered a bug, please let us know via the Discord channel #ios-beta-bugs
  • It's always worth checking our Known Issues as we might already be aware of an issue

We have the following Discord channels under the category iOS BETA

  • #ios-beta-announcements
  • #ios-beta-general
  • #ios-beta-bugs
  • #ios-beta-feedback

As there will be a large number of iOS beta testers, we’ll be unable to provide the same level of support and responses via Discord throughout the test period as we have with previous beta programmes. 

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Where can I find out about known issues?
We'll be updating the Known Issues newspost as often as possible. This will allow us to stay on top of major bugs and issues and provide communication between our bugs team and yourselves.


Do I have to use the beta app all the time?
Both apps cannot be installed simultaneously, so if you'd like to stop using the beta app, you'll need to re-install the public version.


Can I use the app to log in to different accounts?
The beta will be completely open, meaning that you can use any of your Old School RuneScape accounts to log in. There are no restrictions on the number of accounts you're able to use.


How can I make purchases in the app?
Purchases from within the beta app will be disabled. You're still able to make purchases through the RuneScape website. If you'd like to make purchases using Apple Pay, you'll need to revert to the public version


Will I lose my game data after installing the app?
If you receive a warning that "You may lose the app's data", don't worry - you won't lose any of your game data or progress. There may be some loss of optional game settings, which you can re-adjust within TestFlight.

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