To access this free world, log into a members world and move your character to a non-members area

Game versions: RS_Rune_final.png App_Icon-Circle.png

You'll run into this message if you last logged out of a members world while your character was standing in a members-only area and you next attempt to log in to a Free-to-Play (F2P) world.

To resolve this: 

  1. Log into a members world and move your character to a F2P area (if in doubt, teleport to Lumbridge) 
  2. Log back into your chosen F2P world


Members worlds and areas
A members world is indicated with a gold star on the world list. A F2P world has a silver star instead.



Members-only areas are not accessible on F2P worlds regardless of your membership status.




App_Icon-Circle.png Old School RuneScape world map.
Members areas are in red.
See more information here.

RS_Rune_final.png RuneScape world map.
Areas that are accessible to F2P players.
See more information here.


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