RuneLite via the Launcher

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Installing and playing RuneLite via the Launcher provides a convenient way to remember your account and automatically log in to RuneLite. You can also easily switch between RuneLite and our official game client.


How to play using RuneLite

  1. Head to the Jagex Launcher and log in to your Old School RuneScape account
  2. Click the drop-down next to the Play or Install button 
  3. Choose RuneLite 
    • If you haven't already downloaded RuneLite press Install and you'll be directed to the official RuneLite website



Click the dropdown and select RuneLite.


Issues accessing RuneLite
If you already have RuneLite, the Jagex Launcher will look for it in the folder in which it was originally installed. If the files have been moved the Launcher won't be able to find them. Try reinstalling RuneLite using the RuneLite installer.

RuneLite saves your settings so reinstalling RuneLite should not override your previously saved setup.  

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