Suspicious emails

Phishing involves dishonestly gaining personal information by posing as an individual or company to gain sensitive information and access to someone else's account.

Phishers often send fake emails to gather information belonging to others. These are sometimes very convincing and designed to look exactly like the original. 


How to spot a phishing email 

In most cases, these emails will ask you to either follow a link to a fake website or urge you to directly reply via email.

Jagex will never ask you to provide sensitive account information in plain text, such as login details, passwords and Bank PINs, so be careful not to provide this information.

Here are some tips on spotting a suspicious email:

  • Check that the email is addressed to your character name or real name
  • Look out for poor spelling and grammar
  • Be cautious when clicking hyperlinks and instead try to navigate through the official website
  • Be aware that Jagex will never ask you to log into an account that you did not create

If you receive a phishing email, we recommend that you add the sender to your block list on your email, and then delete it.

It's important to remember: if you have never played one of our games and receive an email related to an account, it's likely this is a phishing email.


Types of phishing emails

Phishing emails can take many forms, some examples include:

  • Incorrectly notifying you that your account email has been updated to an address you don't recognise, and offering you the option to 'cancel' the change
  • Threatening to suspend your account


Jagex Emails

Always check the sender's email address as phishing emails will not be from an official Jagex account.

Here's a list of official Jagex emails: 


Be aware that although these are recognised emails, hijackers are finding ways to forge or spoof our email addresses.

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