Appeal an offence

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Bans and mutes can be avoided by following the RuneScape rules and Terms and Conditions.

Appeal a ban or mute
You can appeal an offence if you believe it was applied incorrectly:

  1. Log in to Account Status in your account settings
  2. If the offence is appealable, click 'Appealable'
  3. Submit the appeal

Offences can be appealed once, if your appeal is denied the decision is final. 


Unappealable offences
If the ban or mute is unappealable we have deemed the offence so severe that an appeal will not be permitted. 

Unappealable offences include:

  • Account hijacking
  • Bug abuse
  • Real-world trading
  • Other manual permanent bans (fraud, community safety)

These offences are always investigated thoroughly before being applied and will not be discussed further. 


Response ETA: Up to 10 days
Check your Message Centre for a reply

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