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How to find your purchase
Almost all cosmetic purchases made from The Marketplace or Solomon's Store can be accessed in-game via the 'Customisation' button on your ribbon customisation_icon.png

The Customisation Screen will let you view: 

  • Wardrobe items (overrides, one of the items, full outfits)
  • Animation Overrides
  • Appearance Overrides 
  • Titles
  • Pets


It's important that you do not have any filters unchecked in your wardrobe tab as this may hide your Martketplace or Solomon's store purchase.




Locate other items




  • Select 'Worn Equipment'  Worn_equipment_tab.png 
  • C hoose the Aura Management tab  Aura_management_tab.png
  • Use the 'Activate' option in the Aura management interface.


  • Select the emotes icon Emotes_icons.png in the chat window.

Keepsake keys

  • Head to your customisation window  customisation_icon.png 
  • Keepsake keys can be found in the top right keepsake_keys.png

Prismatic dye

  • Select the item from your wardrobe
  • If it can be dyed, select the Prismatic dye Prismatic_dye.png in the top left of the preview window.


Still stuck?

Check out

If you purchased your Solomon's store item from the website, please make sure you were logged into the correct account when you made the purchase.

If you are certain that you successfully purchased the item but still can't locate it, you can get in touch with us.

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Response ETA: Up to 48 hours

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