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If you can't access your registered email address, you should try your best to recover it via your email provider. This is important because:

  • Any email account that you can't access poses a security risk
  • A secure email account helps keep your RuneScape account secure
  • The email could be attached to other important accounts elsewhere
  • If your email is not secure, other people could be accessing it and viewing potentially sensitive information


Recovering your email 
To recover your email account, you should follow your email provider’s recovery process:


Deleted email accounts
Many major free email providers will delete an email account if it hasn't been accessed in a while. To keep an email address active, you should log in to your account before the following elapsed times:

Email provider

Length of inactivity

Gmail No defined time limits + you can set up inactive notifications
Microsoft After 365 days of inactivity
Yahoo After roughly 365 days of inactivity
AOL After 90 days of inactivity

If your email account has been deleted and you can't regain access, you may be able to create an account with the same address with the same email provider. 


Still stuck?

There are situations where an email address is truly inaccessible. These include:

  • It is a work email address and you have changed jobs
  • It is a school or university email address and you no longer attend 
  • The email provider no longer exists
  • There was a typo during account creation

If you're not able to recover your email you can change your registered email. 

Change registered email

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