Developer Console

The Developer console allows you to enter certain commands to show more information about your client and session.

This console can be opened in RuneScape - it is not possible to use this in Old School or Deadman Mode.

Opening the Console

To open the Developer console you need to press the keys Alt and ` (known as the grave accent) together. This is the button found to the left of the 1 key on most keyboards.

This should then open a blue console on the top of your RuneScape client.


The commands that are available to players can be listed by entering help or commands into the console.

Using Commands for Troubleshooting

If you're having problems, the developer console can help diagnose the issue. The most useful commands for this are the following;


The renderer command shows your current hardware and software being used to run this RuneScape instance. For example, if you are using a gaming laptop with switchable graphics, you can use this to check which graphics processor is being used (shown in the line 'Device:').


This shows some live information about your game, and will still be shown when closing the developer console. To turn off this information overlay, simply use the displayfps command again.

In this overlay, you can see information such as your current FPS, and even your ping to the game world.

Other troubleshooting and solutions

If the commands above do show any issues, check out our pages on Connection issues, Performance and Resolving graphical issues.

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