Developer Console

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The Developer Console allows you to enter certain commands to show more information about your client and session.


Using the developer console

Follow these steps: 



To open the Developer console press
ALT and ` together



Available commands are found by typing help or commands into the console.



Using commands for troubleshooting

The most useful commands to diagnose an issue are:



Shows what hardware and software is being used to run this RuneScape instance.

E.g. You can check which graphics processor is being used on a laptop with switchable graphics (shown in the line 'Renderer:').


Shows your current FPS, and your ping to the game world.

Shows live information about your game, and will still be shown when closing the developer console. To turn off this information overlay, simply use the displayfps command again.

If the commands above show any issues, check out Connection issues, Performance and Resolving graphical issues.

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