Our Rollback Policy

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We are unable to "roll back" or remove XP from accounts for you, unless it was gained by result of an in game bug.  

If you're a RuneScape player you might be able to remove some XP yourself (this feature is not currently available in Old School).

If you meet the below criteria, visit Nastroth in Lumbridge to reset constitution, prayer and defence.

Reset criteria

Constitution and Prayer


Requires Level 5 or lower in:

  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Magic
  • Ranged
  • Defence
  • Summoning

Requires a combined total of Level 10 in:

  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Ranged 
  • Magic levels

Along with the above requirements, you cannot reset your stats using Nastroth if:

  • You have already performed your chosen reset for your account.
  • You have already performed the other reset for your account.
  • You have specifically requested that Nastroth never reset your stats.
  • You have any items equipped, in your backpack or beast-of-burden inventories.
  • You have dropped an item or dismissed a familiar in the last three minutes.
  • You have an item that would be removed by the reset in a Keepsake box.


Gained XP due to a bug
If your XP was gained as a direct result of an in-game bug, which has been confirmed by our Quality Assurance (QA) Team, please submit a Bug Report and then get in touch with us below.

It can take a few days before our QA team are able complete testing and confirm a bug, so we may not be able to confirm this immediately.

If the QA Team are not able to locate a bug based on your report, we will not be able to remove the XP from your account.

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