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Can I get a stat rolled back on my account? I gained XP by accident....

We do not currently offer a "roll back" or XP removal service.

The only time we would consider removing XP from an account is when the XP was gained as a direct result of a in-game bug which has been confirmed by the Quality Assurance Team. If this was the case for you, please be sure to have submitted a Bug Report and then get in touch with us.

It can take a few days before our QA team are able complete testing and confirm a bug, so we may not be able to confirm this immediately.

If the QA Team are not able to locate a bug based on your report, we will not be able to remove the XP from your account.

Please Note: We are not able to make any changes to your account in Old School RuneScape, including the removal of XP.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of the unwanted XP on my account?

We listened to what you had to say, and so we introduced a Skill Reset feature.

Nastroth can be found in Lumbridge and offers skill resets if a certain criteria is met. This is only currently available in RuneScape, and not in Old School or other game modes.

The available Skill resets and their criteria are outlined below:

  • Reset Constitution and Prayer- Requires level 5 or lower in Attack, Strength, Magic, Ranged, Defence and Summoning
  • Reset Defence- requires that your combined Attack, Strength, Ranged and Magic levels total at least 10

Along with the above requirements, you cannot reset your stats using Nastroth if:

  • You have already performed your chosen reset for your account.
  • You have already performed the other reset for your account.
  • You have specifically requested that Nastroth never reset your stats.
  • You have any items equipped, in your backpack or beast-of-burden inventories.
  • You have dropped an item or dismissed a familiar in the last three minutes.
  • You have an item that would be removed by the reset in a Keepsake box.

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