Scamming prevention guide

What is a scam? 

A scam is when a fraudster tricks a player into giving away their valuable items, wealth or personal details. Scamming is against our in-game and forum rules. We take scamming very seriously, some scams could result in a mute or a ban, depending on how serious the offence is. 


How to avoid being scammed

All scams can be avoided by following this advice (no matter how sneaky they may be):

  • Don’t ever drop or trade an item you are not willing to lose
  • Complete all deals in one trade
  • Pay attention to every trade window
  • Look out for overly complicated processes
  • Be careful of the items you accept as payment or as a loan – Don't rely on the GE price being 100% correct for an item, it's only a guide
  • Be wary if you are continually asked to hop worlds in certain places or use certain items
  • Beware of scammers working in teams, even if one player seems to be on your side (check out lurers and anti-lurers for more info)
  • Do not enter dangerous areas such as the Wilderness unless you are prepared to die, even if someone assures you it is safe


Common scamming methods:

  1. Misuse of Trade windows - These scams rely on the victim being distracted, and blindly accepting trade windows without checking details

  2. Trust Trading - This is where a victim gives a scammer Gold Pieces (GP) or valuable items, trusting that the scammer will return the items along with a big bonus. The scammer generally walks away with some nice items and a lot more GP

  3. Sounds too good to be true - If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Not everyone is out to scam you, but there are a few


Stay up to date

To stay one step ahead of the scammers try to keep up to date with the latest scams. These can be found on the RuneScape Wiki and the Old School RuneScape Wiki.


Reporting a scammer

You can help us by reporting the scammer. The more evidence you can give, the easier it is for us to keep RuneScape clean.

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