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Quick Chat allows you to message other players using a selection of pre-defined words and phrases, rather than typing your own text into the chat box (Think ‘Autocorrect’, but without the typos)!

Turning on Quick Chat
Press the Enter button on a new line in the chat window, or select the 'Quick Chat' icon next to your name at the bottom of the chat window to access Quick Chat.


Turning off Quick Chat
Press Esc on your keyboard, or select the 'X' to disable the function and return you to the public chat channel.


Autopopulated list of terms
Once you have selected Quick Chat, your chat window changes to show a selection of chat categories. These open out into a variety of headings and subsections which will help you construct sentences.



Making Quick Chat quicker
Use the search option within the Quick Chat menu to find the perfect phrase.

  1. Open the Quick Chat menu
  2. Select 'Search', or press Enter,
  3. Start typing, if the words that you type appear in any of the Quick Chat phrases, you will be presented with the phrases that most closely match what you would like to say.



Why use Quick Chat?
Quick Chat is fun and easy to use! It's also useful if you're unable to use Chat due to a mute, or other restriction.

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