Lost Items

Our stance
We are only able to return items as a result of having experienced a technical issue or service disruption which caused items or wealth to be lost, see our Lost Items policy for more information.

Due to technical limitations, we currently don't return items lost in Old School RuneScape.

Lost items to Hijacker / Scammer
If you have lost items or your character name as a result of being scammed or hijacked we are unable to return any items that were lost.

Please report the incident to give us some insight into the event and so we can take appropriate action against those responsible (you won't receive a reply from the report, but please be assured it will be investigated).

Report incident
This will send an email to tipoff@jagex.com. We're unable to reply to reports

Lost Items due to Technical Issue
If you have lost items due to a technical issue or confirmed bug we will happily look into returning your items.

Submit a Lost Items claim

Response ETA: Up to 48 hours

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