Profanity Filter

RuneScape is enjoyed by gamers of all ages around the world and we strive to ensure the community is friendly to new and experienced adventurers alike.

Just like in the real world, you'll occasionally come across swearing or bad language. If you feel this will detract from your RuneScape experience or simply just don’t want to witness that kind of behaviour, we have created the optional Profanity Filter.

How can I use the Profanity Filter?
You can enable the Profanity Filter by clicking the button that has an exclamation mark ( ! ) in an explosion, found under the options menu.
Activating the filter will turn the icon yellow.

How will I know it’s working?
When the filter is enabled, any swear words or bad language will be replaced with '***'s.

Can a player get around the filter?
Once enabled the filter works within all of the chat channels: All Chat, Private Chat, Friends Chat, Clan Chat, Guest Clan Chat, Trade and Assistance.

I feel like you’re censoring me?
The filter allows players to enjoy the game and not feel their language is restricted; this is why it is optional.

So the filter doesn’t prevent toxic behavior?
Rest assured that the filter is not a free pass for players to behave inappropriately. The community is still expected to acknowledge the Rules of RuneScape and the Profanity Filter does not affect your ability to report another player if they are breaking the rules.

How do I turn the Profanity Filter off?
You can disable the Profanity Filter at any time simply by clicking the same button as activating it described above.

Deactivating the filter will turn the icon grey.

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