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While you're adventuring within Gielinor meeting new people and making new friends, most of your encounters will be positive. Sometimes though there may be rare occasions where you come across a player whose only goal is to ruin the enjoyment of other players. The best thing to do is ignore them, and that's exactly what the Ignore function is for.

Where can I find the Ignore function?

Click on the 'Show Ignore' dot in the bottom-right of your friends list to access your ignore list.

How do I use Ignore function?

If you don't want to see messages from a player anymore then you can add them to the ignore list, either by clicking on the yellow '+' button at bottom of the interface and entering their name, or by right clicking their name in the chat box and choosing ignore.

What happens once I have added a player to the Ignore list?

You will no longer see any of their chat in any chat channel. If they try to send a private message to you then they will receive a message notifying them that you are ignoring them.

When should I use the Ignore function?

The Ignore function is a powerful tool. If you ever have a problem with another player in-game, in most cases, the quickest and easiest way to resolve it will be to add the player to your ignore list.

Is the Ignore function permanent?

No, you can always remove a player from the list if you change your mind.

What is a Troll?

Trolls are players who just want to cause trouble and get their enjoyment from being able to provoke other players. By trying to reason or argue with them, you're just feeding them the attention they crave.

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