Tailored promotions

Game Versions:  

We run regular tailored promotions. If you are eligible for the promotion you will receive an email or in-game pop-up with the exclusive offer. The offer will be available on the account you received the notification on.

If you've heard about a promotion but have not received a notification, it will mean you weren't chosen this time. Don't worry, we frequently offer these types of promotions so you might be picked for the next one! 

Example of in-game pop-up. 


Why didn't I receive my reward?
There are several reasons why you may have not received your rewards after successfully completing your purchase:

  • Were you eligible for the promotion? Tailored promotions are only available to selected players
  • What payment method did you use? Most promotions only apply to purchases made using credit card and PayPal
  • Did you complete the purchase on the correct account? Get in touch if you made your purchase on the wrong account by mistake



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