Your personal data rights

A brief description of such rights is below, with a complete summary available on our privacy policy.

For general enquires about your privacy rights, contact our data protection officer at





Request access to your personal data

To help understand how and why your personal information is being processed.


Update your personal data

If you think the information we have for you is incorrect or incomplete


Remove your personal data and permanently disable your account

If you don't want us to process your data anymore


Restrict the processing of your personal data

If you think your personal information is incorrect and you are unable to update or remove your personal data


Obtain and reuse your personal data

Move, copy, or transfer personal information from one service to another


Request information about the use of your personal data

To see how your personal data is being used and for information on retention periods for personal data

Information we're able to share

  • Personal information we're certain belongs to you and not other individuals
  • Information that falls within the definition of personal data

Jagex reserves the right to withhold certain game data (like game state and activity logs), if disclosing it adversely affects the rights and freedoms of others, reveals trade secrets and/or infringes on Jagex in particular the copyright on the software.


Making a request

In most cases you can view or update your own personal information by logging in and accessing your Account Settings.

Account Settings

Other requests can be made by completing the form below. Please follow these steps if you have received an unexpected password reset request


How long will the process take?

We aim to resolve most requests within 30 days of receiving your request, but in some more complex situations this could be extended to 90 days.


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