Too many login attempts from your address

Game Versions:

This is a known error message commonly associated with periods of high traffic that may prevent users from logging in.

For the most part, simply waiting a while will resolve the issue. Repeated attempts to log in can make the situation worse, so we highly recommend waiting at least 30 minutes between attempts if you receive this error.

Other solutions include:

Log in via Jagex Launcher
If you play on Windows, logging in via the Jagex Launcher should resolve this error. Simply use your existing login credentials to play. Check the Jagex Launcher FAQ for more information. 


Log in via Steam
Logging in via Steam should bypass the error. You can link your existing account to Steam, and play via the Steam client:


Log in with an alternative account
Repeated attempts to log in with the same account can sometimes apply an account level block, so try to log in with an alternate account to determine if this is the case. 


Connect using a different method
If the issue isn't account-specific, it can sometimes be caused by your connection location or IP range. Please attempt to log in using a different connection, try an alternative network such as a library or friend's house and avoid the use of popular common VPNs whenever possible.

If you normally play on a 'landline' connection try using a mobile connection instead, or vice versa.


Use the official client
We recommend using one of the official clients to log in whenever possible. 3rd party clients use a tunnelled connection service which can contribute to the issue. 


Avoid frequent log in attempts
Try to avoid activities that require you to log in and out frequently, such as world-hopping or rapidly switching between multiple accounts. 


Still stuck?
If the issue persists and you're still unable to log in, you can aid the investigation by reporting the incident to our technical teams. Please include as much detail as you can about the problem, along with any reproduction steps.

Report issue

Please note that while we're unable to respond directly to any of these reports, the information will be used to inform us on the scale of the issue and identify further solutions.

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