Game crashes

Restart your device 
Sounds simple, but the tried and tested method of turning it off and back on again can sometimes be the easiest fix. It's possible you're running into memory problems and just need to clean house.


Make sure your device meets our minimum specs
To have a smooth and visually enjoyable experience in our games, your device should meet our minimum specifications.


Make sure the game is installed correctly
Sometimes it can be hard to detect a specific issue with the game files, to save time, take your detective hat off and simply try reinstalling the game.


Try clearing your cache
Make sure the installation of the game is up-to-date and any bad or corrupted game data is repaired by clearing your cache.


Try a different user account
New Windows user accounts usually have the default Windows settings and programs, so creating a new user profile can highlight where incompatible programs or settings are causing problems.


Still stuck? 
If you have tried the above and you're still experiencing crashes, then please get in touch.

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Response ETA: Up to 48 hours
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