Compatibility issues

Game Versions:

There are several reasons you might run into issues using the NXT RuneScape Client or the Old School RuneScape client, these could be:

  • NXT client won't open
  • OSRS client won't open
  • Stuck on 'Loading Resources' in both game clients


What would cause a compatibility issue?
Updating any of the following can sometimes cause issues with the client: 

  • Operating System
  • Software
  • Applications or programs  

A common error message you may receive is: "The RuneScape client suffered from an error during graphics initialisation". 


Troubleshoot your issue
Complete the following actions to resolve the issue: 


Didn't work? Try creating a new profile
If you have tried the above and you're still stuck, the compatibility issue could be caused by certain programs on your main profile.

Try creating a new profile on Windows, you should be able to load the client on the new profile:

  • Windows 7/8 - Complete the steps to create a user account. 
  • Windows 10 - Complete the steps to create a local user account and change the local account to an administrator account.

Still stuck? 

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