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The recovery process is in place to make sure the right person has access to the right account. We understand it can be frustrating if you're unable to regain access to your account, so we've outlined some tips below.

To help us confirm you're the account owner:

  • Submit your appeal from the device and location you usually play from
  • Try to use the originally registered email as it's a good link to account creation 
  • Don't use a VPN / proxy or anything that will mask your IP address

Here are some common reasons recoveries are denied: 

Recovering the wrong account

Make sure you're trying to recover the right account by entering the correct Email / Username

  • Accounts created before November 2010 use a username and after use a login email
  • Your username and character name may be different. If you have a username it will never change

If you can't remember your login details, please submit a forgotten login request.


The information you've provided isn't detailed enough

As our games have been around for a long time some accounts have lots of information on them. To help us confirm that you created the account it's useful if you can provide as many of the original details as possible. 

We encourage you to fill out all fields on the form. Here's the kind of information we're looking for:

  • You can provide up to three previous passwords, try entering the oldest ones you can remember
  • Try to provide older payment details, someone else might have made payments on your account back in the day (e.g. your parents)
  • Think back to when you created the account, what year was it? Where were you living? Were you at home or at a friend's house?
  • If you're asked for recovery answers, try to remember what your younger self might have put. There's no harm in guessing if you're unsure


You're not the owner of the account

In some cases, you may be told that the account you're trying to recover doesn't belong to you. Even if you've spent time playing on the account, the original creator is the account owner.

If you bought or shared the account, we strongly recommend reading through the Rules of RuneScape.


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Response ETA: Up to 24 hours

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