Denied password resets

There are three possible reasons your password resets may be getting denied:

  1. Recovering the wrong account 
  2. The information you've provided isn't detailed enough 
  3. You're not the owner of the account 


Let's take a look...

1. Recovering the wrong account

  • Make sure you're entering the correct login name or email.
    • Accounts created before November 2010 use a login name and after use a login email. 
  • Make sure you're not entering your in-game character name as this may be different to your login name. Your request will be denied as you may be attempting to recover someone else’s account!


2. The information you've provided isn't detailed enough

Try to provide strong information to prove you own the account. Where possible, try using the originally registered email as it's a good link to account creation. 

  • Passwords

    This is an easy one! Try and provide the earliest password you can remember setting on the account.

    Please don't enter your passwords into the additional information text box at the bottom of the form, instead, enter them into the fields provided. 

    If you think your account has been hijacked recently, please don't give the password the hijacker knew as this will be classed as weaker information.

  • Recovery questions

    If you have ever set recovery questions on your account please submit the earliest answers that you can remember.

  • Payment details

    If you've ever purchased membership on the account we ask for: 

    • Postal/ZIP code of the bill payer
    • Payment email address (either PayPal or the email the receipt was sent to)
    • Payment type
    • Bill payer's name
    • Billing transaction ID’s
    • Last four digits of credit/debit card

    Please try to provide the earliest billing details you can remember.

  • Other details

    The account creator should know when and where they created the account:

    • Creation Date: Year and month
    • Where: Country
    • ISP: Internet Service Provider you used when you created the account – most people don’t change ISP’s for years, so have a think!
    • Current ISP: Who provides your internet currently?
    • Moved house? When? Where from/to?

  • Final tips

    • Submit your password reset request from the device and location you usually play from.
    DO NOT use a VPN or anything that will mask your IP address.


3. You're not the owner of the account

In some cases, you may be told that the account you're trying to recover doesn't belong to you. Even if you've spent time playing on the account, the original creator is the account owner.

If you bought or shared the account, we strongly recommend reading through the Rules of RuneScape.


Recover Account
Response ETA: Up to 24 hours

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