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RuneScape is a multiplayer online game renowned for its continued support from its active and vibrant security. 2016 marks 15 years of success borne by the close relationship between us at Jagex and players and their parents.

We understand that you might want to learn more about RuneScape, and so this article is here to help quell any queries about your child’s safety, any payment worries, or any queries about security issues.

Safety of your child

RuneScape actively encourages player interaction. The in-game chat systems allow players to type messages to one another.

  • Every RuneScape account has its own character name which allows players to protect their personal identity.
  • In-game chat is actively moderated by highly-trained specialists to identify serious threats, and remove them from the game.
  • We have strong relationships to law enforcement and protection agencies throughout the world.
  • Players can use the Report Abuse function to directly bring our attention to urgent matters.
  • There is an optional filter which allows players to censor offensive language.
  • Players have the option of adding other players to the Ignore List which ensures that they can choose to no longer see or receive messages from specific individuals.
  • We take measures to ensure users under 13s cannot communicate freely using the chat function.

Find out more about the Rules of RuneScape and in-game safety features by visiting the RuneScape Game Guide.

You can find out more about Jagex’s privacy practices in relation to children by visiting the Jagex Privacy Policy.

It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure your child's safety when using the internet. Visit CEOP's for information and advice on how to protect your child online.

Billing help for parents

RuneScape has a range of content which players can pay to access. It’s common for parents of players to wish to learn more about what they’re paying for.

  • Find out more about the extra content offered by Membership, as well as some of the other currencies you can purchase for in-game use.
  • If you need help with making a payment, please head over to our dedicated section on Payment Issues
  • If you are trying to query a payment made to us which you think is related to RuneScape please check out Why have I been charged by your company?

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