Unknown charge

Forgotten recurring subscription
The charge might be a forgotten subscription, you can cancel any unwanted subscriptions here.


Pre-authorised charge
If it looks like you were charged more than once, first check your inbox for the receipt, if you accidentally purchased an item twice you can request a refund

If you're sure you made the correct purchase and the charge appears twice on your statement, it may just be a pre-authorisation


Family or household member made a purchase
Someone you know, such as a friend or family member, might have used your payment details without your consent. If this has happened you can cancel any subscriptions and contact us below.


Payments are fraudulent
If neither of the above applies, the charges might be fraudulent and should be investigated further, please inform your payment provider and contact us below.

If the payment was through SMS then please contact our SMS provider directly or email fraud@boku.com as we are unable to refund SMS payments.

If you're unable to play and are asked to settle an unpaid balance for charges you don't recognise, please head to Unpaid balance.

contact us
Response ETA: Up to 48 hours 

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