Unknown transaction

There are several reasons for unrecognised payments:

Forgotten recurring subscription
When you purchase 1, 6, or 12 months membership via Credit Card or PayPal you enter into a recurring agreement, as explained in our T&Cs.

If you are receiving more than one charge on your bank statement the likelihood is you have set up a subscription on multiple accounts, if that's the case:

If it looks like you were charged twice for the same transaction it might be a pending charge.


Family or household member set up a subscription
Another common reason for unrecognised payments is when someone you know used your card to make a payment without your permission.

If this has happened you can cancel the subscription.


Payments are fraudulent
If you have received a receipt for a purchase that was neither of the above, these charges might be fraudulent and we can investigate further.

If the payment was through SMS then please contact our SMS provider directly or email fraud@boku.com as we are unable to refund SMS payments.

If you're unable to play because you have an unpaid balance on your account and are asked to visit the billing system, please head to Unpaid balance.

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Response ETA: Up to 48 hours 

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