Find my Bonds

Game Versions:

Things to remember

  • Bonds will automatically be added to your Bonds pouch
  • If your Bank or Inventory are full the Bonds may not show up until there's space for them
  • Redeemed membership will be active on both RuneScape and Old School with the same login
  • If your payment was declined, but you have spotted a charge on your statement, don't worry, funds for declined payments will automatically be returned

My purchase was successful and I can't find my bonds

If you've purchased Bonds and can't find them in game you might have purchased them for the wrong game version or on the wrong account. 

If you made a mistake with your purchase, please get in touch so we can look into transferring your Bonds for you.

Please note, it's only possible to transfer Bonds that have been accidentally purchased on the wrong game version and have not been used. We're unable to transfer Bonds that have been traded on the Grand Exchange.

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Response ETA: Up to 48 hours    

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