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  • I no longer want to be an Ironman

    If you no longer want to be an Ironman, you may be able to abandon this way of life and become a normal character!

    Downgrade to a normal account by visiting;

    You will have 7 days before your Ironman status is removed. If you change your mind you can speak to Mr Ex or Adam and Paul again. 

    You will not be able to remove Ironman status through this method if;

    • You have requested Mr Ex never sell you the book of diplomacy (RuneScape)
    • You have selected 'Permanent' during Ironman setup (OSRS), which can be removed by Support - get in touch below.
  • I want to remove my permanent Ironman status on Old School.

    The process to remove permanent Ironman status from your Old School account is irreversible. If you are sure you would like to continue, please log into the account you wish to be changed, and send us a message with the following confirmation text:


    "I confirm I am happy for my permanent Ironman status to be removed, and understand that this action cannot be reversed under any circumstances"


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  • General help

    Please note:

    Please be aware that we cannot retroactively add Ironman status to an account. If you have already created an account but you want it to be an Ironman then you will have to create a new account.

    Fix it fast: Create a new account

    If you've placed membership on a non-ironman account, please get in touch so we can give you a hand with your options!

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