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Game Center logins can only be used by iOS users to create new RuneScape accounts.

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How do I login to desktop with my Game Center account?
It is not possible to login to the desktop clients through a Game Center login. If you want to login on desktop, set a login email on your account.

How do I add the authenticator to my Game Center account?
We strongly recommend you protect your account with the authenticator. To do this you'll need access to your account settings, so please set a login email for your account before setting the authenticator.

What's the benefits of having a Game Center login?
If you create your account through Game Center then you won't have to remember your login details for your RuneScape account, as long as you know your Apple ID login! You can also play across multiple devices (iPhone / iPad) and you won't have to login each time.

Can I create another account with Game Center?
Once you have created your account with Game Center there is no way of removing your Game Center login from your account, therefore you can only ever create 1 RuneScape account with Game Center.

Can I add Game Center to my existing account?

Game Center can only be used to create a new RuneScape account, it is not possible to link Game Center to an existing RuneScape account.

I've got a new phone how do I login to my Game Center account?
Make sure you're logging into with same Apple ID account on your new phone.

I'm an android user can I use Game Center login?
Game Center is only for iOS users. You can use Google Login.

I've forgotten my Apple ID login what can I do?
We do not have access to Game Center - so we can't look up your Game Center login details. Please contact Apple for support.

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