Add a login email to Game Center accounts

If you log in to RuneScape Mobile via Game Center, you will not be able to use those details to: 

  • Log in to the desktop client
  • Log in to the website and forums
  • Make purchases for your account from the website
  • Protect your account with the Authenticator

If you'd like to benefit from these features, you'll need to set a login email on your Game Center account. You'll still be able to log in to the mobile app via Game Center, but you'll also be able to log in on desktop with an email address. 


How to add a login email
To add a login email, follow these steps

  1. Open the Old School RuneScape app.
  2. Select 'Continue with Game Center'.
  3. Access the 'Account Management' menu from in-game.
  4. Select the 'Link email' button to open your web browser. Please note: you will need to progress through Tutorial Island before the 'Link Email' button will appear. 
  5. Set a login email and password. 
  6. Complete the sign up form.
  7. An email will be sent to your new login email. Please verify it via the included link.

You can now login with Game Center or login email. 



What login email to use

You'll need to use an email address that is not already a login email for another RuneScape account. If you attempt to use an email address already associated with a RuneScape account, you will receive the following message: “This email address has already been used to play. To continue, enter a different email address.”

Next Steps?
Make sure you protect your account with an Authenticator

Check out the Game Center FAQ

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